As Claire discovers, family ties are the ties that bind... only in this case, like a straight-jacket.

Claire is in search of something more: the perfect man, ultimate enlightenment - or at the very least, a mind-bending orgasm.

Claire is at her wits end with her mother (who, by the way, is in the midst of a menopausal meltdown), and the rest of her crazy family. The only escape she can imagine from this insanity is to run away from home. But at twenty-two, Claire is too old for that. And besides, it would cost way too much money. Desperate for a solution, Claire turns to her less than comforting gynecologist with the hope of receiving some sort of help in escaping the madness.

But try as she might, Claire and her melodramatic mother seem to be stuck in hell, each unable to escape the other’s company. In frustration, Claire tries to find inner peace by finding love - either with herself, or with other people. But to do this she needs to figure out where it all went wrong. How did all the madness begin?

Me, My Mom, and a Whistle is a comedy about coming into your own while simultaneously dealing with your crazy mother. Written in the same wry, comedic style as Juno and Little Miss Sunshine, this film explores the pitfalls of family life in a quirky, humorous style that we can all relate to.

The target market for this film is comprised of comedy fans who love humor based on real life situations. The film is reminiscent of Postcards From the Edge, filmed in a style similar to that of My Name is Earl, while featuring flashbacks and the breaking of the 4th wall. Me, My Mom, and a Whistle employs elements of both low and high-brow humour. It is geared towards females between 16-25, and males between 18-35, who love to laugh.

Me, my Mom, and a Whistle uses flashbacks and fantasies to help tell the tale of a dysfunctional family gone... right. Claire often breaks the fourth wall in comedic ways as she engages and involves her audience throughout her search for meaning.